Discrete and with Diligence

GLG Litigation is a boutique law firm with an international reputation for "Out of the Box" solutions in complex matters. It specializes in legal aspects of gaming with an extra focus on tax, administrative and licensing law. The law firm is based in the Sugar Silos in Halfweg, the Netherlands. The firm operates in a discrete and dedicated fashion and is assisted in this by an independently managed compliance department. Always on the lookout for alternate solutions for litigation, the risk of costly litigation procedures is brought to a minimum.

Bas Jongmans, Esq.

After working as a corporate lawyer on the Amsterdam "Zuidas" for many years, Bas Jongmans became internationally known for winning various essential procedures to the gaming industry, including a trial procedure on the Netherlands gambling tax in which this tax was declared in violation of the Human Rights Convention.


In another procedure, it was achieved that the Dutch government had to issue a license to an international trader in binary options, which case became a matter of international interest as well. Bas is a regular guest on Dutch Business Radio.

Samantha Andriesse, Esq.

Samantha studied Communications and Civil Law in Amsterdam. After finishing these two studies, she worked with a boutique law firm that specializes in corporate litigation.


After this experience she further specialized in International Equine law. Samantha joined GLG Litigation in 2018.

Samantha Andriesse, Esq.


GLG Litigation is located on the tenth floor of Sugar Silo West, Sugar City, in Halfweg, the Netherlands. After a thorough renovation, the Silo's were taken into use as office location and are the home base of several prestigious companies.


Located next to the Silo's is the former Sugar Factory that is regularly used as a television studio. Because of its striking appearance and design, the office of GLG Litigation is also regularly used as film set and appears in various national television productions

Sugar City


In the event of any questions, please feel free to reach out:

GLG Litigation B.V.

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Suikersilo West 35

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the Netherlands

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